Quality inspected corners, one at a time.
Quality aggregates assure proper load bearing strength.
Manufactured to surpass south Florida building codes.
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Medley Block Industries is firmly dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services for today's construction industry. We are constantly striving to improve workflow, streamline manufacturing processes, and reduce costs so that we can better serve our customers. At Medley Block Industries, we believe customer satisfaction is key. df 1. Raw Materials
Mined to ASTM specifications and consistent inspection assures quality aggregates in our products.
df 2. Batching 3. Equipment
Precision controlled by computer guaranty consistent results. Molds are inspected daily. Each mold must be within precise tolerance specifications.
df 4. Quality Control df 5. Curing
Corners and template checked for dimensions. Scheduled testing is conducted by a third party laboratory to further assure proper quality. Consistently monitored during this process for proper hydration before introduction to inventory.
df 6. Inventory df 7. Loading
Maintained to provide to quickest product delivery possible. Our logistical control makes sure orders are expedited quickly and correctly.

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